MMA - MIFIDII Media Archiver

MMA takes care of the storage, the collection the review and transfer of all electronic communication and structured as well unstructured data. MMA breaks all data down and reduces the cost of information governance and eDiscovery while meeting the requirements of MIFID II for retention and archiving.

Be prepared for MIFID II archiving requirements

The MMA comprehensive user interface makes it easy that all data, including emails, voice recordings, voice transcriptions, messages, social media entries and documents can be forensically archived, searched and re produced. All information is archived by date and custodian for fast and easy search and export.


Discover the possibilities of MMA, Stop searching and start finding! 

It can seem that navigating the regulatory environment may look like driving through fog; we protect ourselves by wearing a seatbelt, limiting our speed and putting on fog lights. To navigate the financial regulatory environment, we must embrace new technology to help us clear the fog, turning what may be seen as a constraint into an opportunity that brings value to our clients and therefore the market.

Big Data

The number of Data to be collected for MIFIDII compliancy is enormous, the retention period of minimum 5 years will make it grow exponentially. Efficient use of all this data is more or less impossible, so information is impossible to find.

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    Available methods and technologies on the market will not deliver acceptable results when you’re searching through these large amounts of information. Well, things are about to change …


MMA allows you to find what you are looking for. By incorporating the specific data structure and combining this with all the collected data. MMA provides modules based on new technologies that enable you to find all your stored MIFIDII required data and information again.


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    • MMA indexes the stored data and enriches it with company specific structure and database information
    • Add file archives, email, voice recordings, voice transcriptions, chats to the source
    • MMA will automatically correlate and cross-reference data
    • The combination will give a complete data overview
    • MMA will produce the results you are really searching for 

User Benefits

Complete: Search through all sources at the same time, give structure to the data-environment. This structure can be safeguarded, all data including e-mail, voice recording, voice transcriptions etc. can now be searched & archived more efficiently.

Cost: MMA is affordable and easy to implement & maintain, purchase of additional software required for archiving of (mobile) voice recordings will no longer be necessary.

Focus: Get back to your core activities, with minimal time loss. Employees waste less time and become less annoyed searching for correct data.


Unique & Open Source: Enterprise Search is no rocket science. Ranking is. Therefore, the MMA Search engine is Open Source. The patented ranking algorithm can be applied to many search engines and fed by existing systems.

Easy Management: MMA integrates easily with most applications and databases. Management of the system takes hardly any resources and is the same as any of the other infrastructure components. Updates and upgrades happen automatically.

Secure: MMA integrates with all existing authorization protocols and systems, to ensure that unauthorized access to information is impossible!


Easy to use: One simple and intuitive interface provides easy access to all data sources.

Complete: Search through all sources at the same time, give structure to the data-environment. This structure can be safeguarded, all data including e-mail, voice recordings, voice transcriptions, files and databases can now be searched & archived more efficiently.

Exact search results: Better than any currently available solution due to the unique approach. Make the relevant connections from your known data structure and sources to the unknown/lost data your company possesses, using the patented grouping mechanism. Move away from the traditional solutions as they generate vast amounts of irrelevant results. Wasted effort that all but demoralizes the person that has to sift through these results.


eDISCOVERY & Forensics

  • Combine structured and unstructured data, Index, order and research by custodian
  • Search in voice recordings by meta data and in detail on key words through integration with Nuance Transcription Engine 
  • From quick-scan to extensive research; permanent or ad-hoc, Deep research, independent from amount of information
  • Extensive reporting possibilities and audit/research trails, Share documents within compliance department, expertise
  • Search efficiently by use of visualizations, Create insight in relationships and contacts

Open Source

The core of MMA makes use of several proven, very stable open source components like Apache Solr and Linux. Because we make use of these components, the scalability and maintainability of the software is enormous. The search engine can connect with many data sources, indexes it and provides the search interface. It is easily extendable with third party software via its rich API and plugin functionality.


Built upon the MMA Search Engine, or connected to other indexes or search engines, the patented ranking algorithm turns your basic search engine into a useful tool that can handle enormous amounts of information and allow you to find anything. 

Visualizations & Analytics

MMA is connected to all your data sources and has indexed all your information. Therefore, MMA ‘knows everything’. To make search and research easier, faster and more insightful, many visualizations and analytics tools have been added. This allows for unique insights and fast results.