MIFIDII Compliant - Recording, Storage & Analysis of Mobile Call Data

CyberTwice is a young RegTech company with a long history and is there to help financial firms to be compliant with MIFIDII in the most effective, affordable, secure and scalable way with the eRecorder HD, Cloud Based Mobile Voice Recording and MMA (MIFIDII Media Archiver) solutions.

Archiving & Fast Finding

The MMA (MIFIDII Media Archiver) takes care of the collection, storage, review and transfer of all electronic communication and structured as well unstructured data. MMA breaks all data down and reduces the cost of information governance and eDiscovery while meeting the requirements of MIFID II for retention and archiving.


Mobile Voice Recording

The eRecorder HD is a 3rd generation Cloud Based solution installed in the Core Network of the (Mobile) Network Operator. Financial firms are able to take Mobile Voice Recording as a Service from the Network Operator without the need of swapping SIM cards, installing special Apps and or the investment in non-compliant fixed mobile integrations.


Be prepared for MIFID II requirements

With the most scalable, effective and secure Voice Recording solution

Highly scalable

Performance, Scalability & Small Footprint

A critical component of the eRecorder HD is the Capture Engine: the recording & encryption module that combines high performance with a small footprint.

Highest Security Standards

The eRecorder HD provides in-memory strong encryption and fingerprinting of all calls. Every call is encrypted with an unique data-encryption-key and decryption is only possible by the Customer.


Software Defined Object Storage

The redundant Storage Center forms an integral part of the eRecorder HD and acts as a temporary buffer (days) or provides long term storage (years) for the entire retention period.

Mobile phones


MMA allows you to find what you are looking for. MMA indexes the stored data and enriches it with company specific structure and database information.


Visualisations & Analytics

MMA makes search and research easier, faster and more insightful, many visualizations and analytics tools have been added.


Affordable, Easy to Implement & Maintain

MMA is affordable and easy to implement & maintain. Purchase of additional software required for archiving of (mobile) voice recordings will no longer be necessary.

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