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Record & Replay

Effortlessly revisit recorded Teams calls, meetings, and connected IP Devices using ATTEST Replay within Microsoft Teams.

Replay & Analyze within Microsoft Teams

The cloud-based solution ATTEST records all the Microsoft Teams calls or SIP Devices you want. ATTEST is designed to extend the current recording capabilities available in Microsoft Teams. "ATTEST Replay" is our innovative Microsoft Teams interface that enables you to find everything ATTEST has recorded in Microsoft Teams. Azure cognitive services are integrated for in-depth insights analysis. Together with our intelligent facetted search possibilities searching, finding and analyzing recordings will be a piece of cake.

Available in the Teams apps store

When ATTEST is activated, the ATTEST Replay app is available for free in the Teams apps store. By pinning it to your sidebar, it gives quick and convenient access. Discover the following ATTEST recordings in your Teams account:


Microsoft Teams

Calls and meetings

teams deskphone

Telephone calls
via Microsoft Teams Desk Phone

teams mobile app

Mobile calls
via Microsoft Teams app

intercom icon


security camera


speaker icon



Our Teams app allows you to replay effortlessly, for example, all recorded 1-on-1 financial calls, dynamic group meetings of your sales team, and even camera footage from the CCTV camera at your production plant. Embrace the convenience of centralized accessibility as all recordings by ATTEST seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Teams. Ensure seamless access for authorized individuals while maintaining compliance.

ATTEST Replay allows you to

Replay recordings

Replay all the recordings you are looking for and get your insights

Ensure compliance

Storage and availability of recordings comply with regulations


Gathering and sharing evidence has never been easier

Analyze events

Easily analyze events using Microsoft Cognitive Services and ATTEST features

Search for specific keywords

Your keyword will be highlighted in a transcribed phone call or meeting

Save recordings secure

Recordings are end-to-end encrypted and stored in Azure Blob Storage

Transcribe speech-to-text

Transcribe all phone calls and meetings for text analytics

Facial recognition

Recognize who was on the call and easily search for recordings with someone

Control access to recordings

Only colleagues with access can see, replay, and analyze recordings

Search and Find recordings from calls to CCTV camera

Use the intelligent facetted search possibilities to conveniently find the recordings in the Teams app you were looking for easy analysis. For example, look for recordings of a specific date and time, if they should be incoming or outgoing, the type of source like CyberGate, fixed line or Teams, or the number of participants, and much more:

Microsoft Teams screenshot attest replay october-1

Gain a comprehensive view of your recordings. Utilize preset filters or define a specific time frame for your search to easily locate and access recordings.

attest replay filter overview october-1

Thanks to our intelligent speech-to-text service, locating recordings with your desired word is a breeze. The instances where this word is mentioned are conveniently highlighted within the recording.

attest replay group call-1

Recorded meetings can be transcribed as well. Search for keywords in group meetings and see where in the meeting this subject was discussed.

attest replay location screenshot-1-1

Follow your colleague's actions during recording or check the location of your Cameras or Body Cams.

attest replay facial recognition-1-2
With facial recognition, you'll know who participated in this call or meeting and when they participated in the conversation.

Keyword search

All data contained with ATTEST is categorized and indexed, ensuring fast and easy search and replay. When you find the recordings that you are looking for, you can quickly analyze them. You can search for specific keywords: the application shows where this keyword is mentioned in the file and highlights it in the transcribed text. It is a very convenient tool to retrace who said what about a specific subject, or you can find out what was said precisely during an emergency call. 

Your files are safe and secure

Rest assured, your data is safe and secure. ATTEST ensures end-to-end encryption for all recordings stored centrally in Azure Blob Storage, with dedicated Encryption keys, unique for your organization and under your complete control. You are guaranteeing the security of your files. With a fixed retention period for compliance recording, your recordings remain immutable and secure.

Who has access

You can indicate who can access the files in the ATTEST management portal. So they aren't accessible to anyone in the organization. Our user management is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, so you have complete (RBAC) control in a familiar place. All recordings made in Teams using ATTEST are fully end-to-end encrypted and are centrally stored in Azure Blob Storage; the security of your files is ensured. The recordings are stored immutably for a fixed retention period when compliance recording is enabled.

Getting Started with Record and Replay

Follow these simple steps to enable Call Recording, and you're good to go!

Login to the CyberGate Management Portal with your Microsoft account.

Enable Call Recording. For instructions, please refer to the CyberGate Service Installation manual.

Activate the "ATTEST Replay" App in Microsoft Teams.

Configure the User Permissions, and you're ready to go!

Looking for an easy way to Record and Replay?

CyberGate with Record & Replay app is the solution for your Enterprise!