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Use cases for IP devices

Use cases for IP devices

Jul 17, 2023 3:11:55 PM

We can cite many advantages of connecting IP devices to Microsoft Teams and capturing and analyzing the communication streams. How about the following scenarios in three work fields:

Industry - Industrial compliance and attestation. IP Devices involved: Cameras, Speakers, Microphones and (video) Intercoms.
Managing an industrial plant inherently involves the necessary maintenance activities. Once these are planned, the actual maintenance and interaction with the mechanics can be done via Teams and the linked Bodycam / IP Camera. The actual maintenance activity is immediately recorded to serve as evidence afterward if necessary.
But what if it is unplanned or there is an emergency? What happened, the response, and who was present should definitely be properly recorded. Of course, you also want to be able to make announcements/broadcasts through the connected IP Paging system, see and communicate with who is at the gate, collaborate with colleagues, share screens, consult, and act immediately. With further post-monitoring and attestation, it is critical that everything is captured, collected, easily accessible, and ready for further investigation and analysis. Read more.

Health Care - Work efficiently and monitor your elderly residents or patients. IP Devices involved: Cameras.
Introducing surveillance technology in extramural care can make much sense. You don't want to waste time, especially with the massive shortage of care workers. If something happens, you want to be able to quickly assess the situation, easily get additional expert judgment in the process, and organize on-site help if necessary. For example, if a resident or patient has fallen, the emergency room operator receives a notification, whether initiated by the resident or through a sensor. A Microsoft Teams meeting is automatically set up, and the connected IP Camera gives a clear picture of the situation on-site. The control room operator can act immediately, consult and call a doctor in the meeting if required, and the entire event is recorded and stored according to regulations. Caregivers no longer need to visit patients/residents on-site one by one. They can spend their time more efficiently. Now they can just be with their patients to help them and give them some more personal attention 

Municipality and local government - Monitoring public spaces from control rooms effectively. IP Devices involved: Cameras, Speakers, Microphones, and (video) Intercoms.
In public places, you often find IP Cameras for our safety, but that has the consequence that all those locations must be monitored, which requires a lot of manpower. Control room operators keep an eye out for accidents, unexpected crowds, people or cars where they shouldn't be, and so on. Keeping an eye on everything is an intensive activity and also costly but necessary. By integrating the IP Devices into Teams, the control room is notified when an event occurs by configuring cameras with pre-set sensors (for example: aggression, car alarm, breaking glass, or shot detection). A Microsoft Teams meeting is automatically set up from the connected IP camera, providing a quick overview of the situation on site: viewing live images from a nearby camera, making announcements via connected IP Paging / speaker systems, and allowing other departments / fellow enforcement officers to join the meeting so they can co-assess the situation before they arrive. This allows the control room operator to do his job swiftly and accurately. Keeping an eye on the city has never been so effective and efficient. 

Record, replay, and report from any location
The integration of your existing IP Devices with Microsoft Teams also makes it possible to record all incidents and make them easily accessible for further investigation and attestation. With CyberGate and ATTEST, you can record, replay, and analyze time stamped from any connected location / device. CyberGate connects your IP Device to Microsoft Teams, and ATTEST provides Secure Teams Recording with solid encryption (RSA2048/AES256) and redundant storage in Azure with a configurable Retention Period and Search & Replay App for authorized personnel. 

Written By: Marjet de Boer