Record & Replay

With CyberGate you can record & replay all the activity on your connected Devices in Microsoft Teams at any moment using CybeReplay.

See exactly what happened at your door with CybeReplay

Record and Replay your Intercom calls

Need to know what's happing at your front door? Looking for a way to keep track of the activity at the loading docks?

With our CyberGate subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted in Azure, you have the possibility to do so and all within Microsoft Teams.

Record & Replay - Visitor ringing the intercom

That's not all, CyberGate goes further than just opening doors and broadcasting announcements. With Record & Replay, you have the possibility to record everything what's happening at your IP Intercom, IP Pager or IP Camera. Think of:

  • Perimeter Access Control
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Online Teams Meetings triggered by IP Camera alarm
  • Parking lot entrance

With 10 days free retention included in your CyberGate Subscription.

Record and Replay easily

Call Recordings include audio, video and audible speech transcribed into readable, searchable text using Microsoft Cognitive Services. Recording only starts after the call was answered by a receiving Teams user, or receiving IP Paging System, and media is securely stored in Microsoft Azure (West-Europe) for a period of 10 days. Search & Replay interface is available for authorized employees to replay and download intercom call recordings.

MS Teams incoming call -Record & Replay

Getting Started with Record and Replay

Follow these simple steps to enable Call Recording and you're good to go!

Login to the CyberGate Management Portal with your Microsoft account.

Enable Call Recording. For instructions, please refer to the CyberGate Service Installation manual.

Activate the "CybeReplay" App in Microsoft Teams.

Configure the User Permissions and you're ready to go!

Looking for an easy way to Record and Replay?

CyberGate with Record & Replay app is the solution for your Enterprise!