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2N Compatibility

This Partner Section documents the compatible Device Types and specific Models for which we’ve conducted an interoperability test.

The CyberGate Service Installation Manual and brand-specific Device Configuration Manuals provide step-by-step instructions on purchasing, activating, and configuring CyberGate and Connected Devices.


Compatible Device Types

SIP Intercoms

2n IP Style

IP Speakers

Not all CyberGate certified Devices displayed

Compatible 2N SIP Intercoms

SIP Intercoms
2 way video
Secure SIP
2N® IP Style
2N® IP Verso
2N® LTE Verso
2N® IP Solo
2N® IP Force
2N® IP Safety
2N® IP Vario
2N® IP Base
2N® IP Audiokit
2N® IP Uni

Compatible 2N IP Speakers

SIP Speakers
2 way video
Secure SIP
2N® SIP Speaker
2N® SIP Speaker Horn

About 2N

2N is a leading European developer and manufacturer of IP intercom and access system technology. According to an IHS report, 2N is the world’s largest IP intercom manufacturer and a significant innovator in IP access systems and IP elevator communications. Established in 1991 in the Czech Republic, 2N’s headquarters is in Prague. 2N employs more than 370 people in branches in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, the UAE, Australia, and Italy. It also has an extensive distribution network throughout the entire world. In 2016, 2N became a part of the global Axis Group.

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