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A unique Microsoft Azure-based SaaS solution

Record & Replay your Microsoft Teams communication

ATTEST Captures Microsoft Teams communication & surveillance streams for replay & attestation. Fully integrated into Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for a way to centrally capture your Microsoft Teams audio and video with the possibility of analyzing and replaying? Meet ATTEST.
A unique Microsoft Azure-based SaaS solution offering recording and attestation fully integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Record audio & video in Microsoft Teams

ATTEST captures your Microsoft Teams video and audio recordings of 1-on-1 calls and multiple-user meetings using your desktop, Teams desk phone, or the Teams app on your mobile phone and connected IP devices. Your recordings are available directly in Microsoft Teams and accessible by designated colleagues. So you don't need additional software or hardware, just your Microsoft Teams license.


Microsoft Teams

Calls and meetings

teams deskphone

Telephone calls
via Microsoft Teams deskphone

teams mobile app

Mobile calls
via Microsoft Teams app

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security camera


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Easily find and use your (compliance) recordings

ATTEST allows you to access and analyze your communications in Microsoft Teams, with our ATTEST Replay app integrated into Microsoft Teams: You can search for specific keywords and use the extensive filter options. Now you know exactly what has happened, what was said, and what actions were taken during a specified period of time. So, also your compliance recording is in order. Read more about ATTEST.

  • Record communication
  • Replay recordings
  • Compliance recording
  • Attestation (provide evidence)
  • Monitor events
  • Search through your session (with keywords)
  • Save recordings secure
  • Transcribe speech-to-text
  • Recognize who was on the call
  • Control access to recordings

Secure & Simple

No extra software programs
No additional hardware
No new login credentials

We keep your data safe and secure

ATTEST is an Azure-based SaaS solution using Azure Active Directory, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Blob Storage. So, your communication streams are safely captured, encrypted using your dedicated security keys, and stored in a familiar and highly secure, and redundant environment. You have complete control over who is being recorded and who can subsequently access the stored information based on your Microsoft credentials inherently providing all tooling available, like multi-factor authentication.


We have 4 different plans available; from starter to enterprise, there is always a suitable plan for you. Pricing starts at $ 9.95 per month. Please find our plans here. ATTEST is a 100% Azure-based SaaS solution that allows you to buy it directly at Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Let Microsoft Teams work for you!