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Telecom Behnke Compatibility

This Partner Section documents the compatible Device Types and specific Models for which we’ve conducted an interoperability test.

The CyberGate Service Installation Manual and brand-specific Device Configuration Manuals provide step-by-step instructions on purchasing, activating, and configuring CyberGate and Connected Devices.


Compatible Device Types

SIP Intercoms

behnke BT-20-527-IP

BT 20-527-IP

behnke BT-26-621-IP

BT 26-621-IP

behnke BT-50-553-IP.-1

BT 50-553-IP

BT 50-622-IP-1

Behnke BT-50-622-IP

Not all CyberGate certified Devices displayed

Compatible Behnke SIP Intercoms

IP Intercoms
2 way video
Secure SIP
Behnke SIP intercoms 3.0 - Series 20
Behnke SIP intercoms 3.0 - Series 40
Behnke SIP intercoms 3.0 - Series 50

About Telecom Behnke GmbH

Germany-based Telecom Behnke GmbH are a leading supplier of door intercom stations, industrial intercoms, emergency phones as well as elevator emergency telephones, offering versatile solutions for comfortable access, emergency calls, and hazardous situations.

Behnke door intercom stations combine contemporary design and innovative functionality in different model series. They are integrated into the existing telecommunications or data network. The metal front panels ensure a long service life and protection against vandalism even under heavy use.

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