The best solution to connect your intercom to Microsoft Teams

With Cybergate's subscription-based solution, you can transform your visitor experience securely and efficiently.

Trusted by all major intercom suppliers and with a 5 star customer rating
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A secure solution that is easy to implement

It’s never been easier to talk to your visitors and open the door directly from Microsoft Teams. Your security is taken care of: Cybergate is hosted in Azure and uses your Microsoft credentials. No data is stored elsewhere. Do you have a mixed environment with various intercoms? No problem! Cybergate works with all major brands.

More than just opening doors

Enjoy live video

The only solution in the market that offers two-way audio and live video to the Microsoft Teams user who receives the intercom call.

Record and store

Conversations can be recorded and stored in the secure Azure environment. Easily find the recordings you are looking for and play back when you want.

Save costs

Increase efficiency and save costs by forwarding access requests from one or more intercoms to all Microsoft Teams users within your company.


This is how to make it work

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First of all, let's take a look at how Cybergate fits in your environment:

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All you need is a subscription

CyberGate is subscription based and hosted in Azure. No need for anything else!

Start now

Next steps

Follow these steps and you should be ready in only 10 minutes!

Check if your intercom is compatible

Cybergate works with all major brands. Check our list to see if your intercom is compatible.

Make your purchase and activate Cybergate*

CyberGate is a SaaS solution that can be purchased in either the Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, depending on if you already have an active Microsoft Azure subscription.

Configure Cybergate to optimize it to your needs

The configuration and management of CyberGate are done through the CyberGate Management Portal. You have access with your Microsoft credentials.

Link your intercom(s)

The configuration of your intercom is depending on your intercom brand. It's easy and straightforward and takes a couple of minutes to change the relevant settings.

Let's start!

For Microsoft AppSource
App Source


For Microsoft Azure Marketplace
microsoft azure marketplace


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