Connect your Robin Intercom with Microsoft Teams

With Cybergate's subscription-based solution, you can easily talk to visitors and open your door from Microsoft Teams. Fast and easy without extra hardware.


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Control your Robin intercom system anytime and anywhere

Opening doors together

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With the CyberGate Application Server you can now connect Robin intercoms to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams users can answer incoming intercom calls with live video and with 2-way audio and open the door for visitors.

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About Robin Telecom

Robin Telecom Development is a manufacturer and developer of high-quality SIP (video) intercom systems which are used in the business and private markets for controlling access to apartments, premises and buildings. When developing new products or redesigning existing ones, we have one aim: to deliver quality. Robin delivers quality in the broadest sense of the word when it comes to choice of material, durability, image & sound, user-friendliness and support. View our product range for this mix of design and smart technology.

ProLine Video 1
ProLine Video 4
ProLine Compact Silver

Compatible Intercom models




2 way video

ProLine Video 1

ProLine Video 2

ProLine Video 4

ProLine Compact Onyx Black

ProLine Compact Space Gray

ProLine Compact Silver

All you need is a subscription

CyberGate is subscription based and hosted in Azure. No need for anything else!

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