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IpDoor Compatibility

This Partner Section documents the compatible Device Types and specific Models for which we’ve conducted an interoperability test.

The CyberGate Service Installation Manual and brand-specific Device Configuration Manuals provide step-by-step instructions on purchasing, activating, and configuring CyberGate and Connected Devices.


Compatible Device Types

SIP Intercoms


IpDoor Touch


IpDoor Flush

Compatible IpDoor SIP Intercoms

SIP Intercom
2 way video
IpDoor Touch
IpDoor Flush

About IpDoor

IpDoor is an Italian brand with more than 50 years of experience in IP video door entry systems and access control. IpDoor’s solutions simplify communication, improve people flows and protect homes and businesses reliably and flexibly in more than 15 countries worldwide. The extreme versatility of the system, combined with the access control and remote management functions and the possibility of integrating third-party devices, allow the product to serve the most varied purposes and installation contexts. From a virtual switchboard to a terminal for lift systems, IpDoor has already proved to be much more than just a video door phone and has set a new standard for future, fully-integrated intelligent cities.

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