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Portadial Compatibility

This Partner Section documents the compatible Device Types and specific Models for which we’ve conducted an interoperability test.

The CyberGate Service Installation Manual and brand-specific Device Configuration Manuals provide step-by-step instructions on purchasing, activating, and configuring CyberGate and Connected Devices.


Compatible Device Types

SIP Intercoms

portadial elego_small




Compatible PortaDial SIP Intercoms

SIP Intercoms
2 way video

About PortaDial

In our current society, access control plays an increasingly important role. For example, we would like to know who is at the door with the option to grant access to this. PortaDial has developed solutions for this by marketing standard or custom door telephony for every industry and linking it to every platform.

PortaDial focuses on supplying intercom and door telephone systems for the Benelux. All products are developed and produced in-house, both the software and the hardware. By providing exclusively to installers, we can guarantee the quality of our installations and products.

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