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Robin Compatibility

This Partner Section documents the compatible Device Types and specific Models for which we’ve conducted an interoperability test.

The CyberGate Service Installation Manual and brand-specific Device Configuration Manuals provide step-by-step instructions on purchasing, activating, and configuring CyberGate and Connected Devices.


Compatible Device Types

SIP Intercoms




ProLine Compact



Robin SmartView-small


Not all CyberGate certified Devices displayed

Compatible Robin Telecom SIP Intercoms

SIP Intercoms
2 way video
Robin SmartView
Robin ProLine
Robin ProLine Video
Robin ProLine Compact
Robin Compact SIP
Robin SlimLine

About Robin Telecom

Robin Telecom Development is a manufacturer and developer of high-quality SIP (video) intercom systems used in the business and private markets to control access to apartments, premises, and buildings. When developing new products or redesigning existing ones, we aim to deliver quality. Robin provides quality in the broadest sense regarding the choice of material, durability, image & sound, user-friendliness, and support. View our product range for this mix of design and intelligent technology.

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