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Use case: Industry - Industrial Compliance and Attestation

Use case: Industry - Industrial Compliance and Attestation

Jul 17, 2023 10:37:55 PM

In an industrial plant or location, you find many IP devices to connect to their Microsoft Teams environment: Cameras to record what is happening, Microphones and Speakers to broadcast announcements, you can even add a Visual Alerter in a noisy environment, and there are probably Intercoms at the gates and entrances—an excellent work field to showcase the possibilities:

1. Record maintenance at a plant

With lots of machinery or in a production process, maintenance takes place on a regular base. This is planned, executed, and documented in a report; all recorded data is available within Microsoft Teams using ATTEST. Your Teams call with the mechanic is recorded, and the maintenance check is registered with the on-site camera. You know exactly what happened, which aligns with the report you'll receive afterward. 

Attestate unplanned maintenance

But what if the maintenance is unplanned: a leak or breakdown? Or when there is an accident. By setting triggers in your camera, you are notified via a Microsoft Teams meeting; you can collaborate with others and get into action immediately. This is documented directly into Teams for further inspection and providing evidence.

Insight at any moment

ATTEST gives you company insight into what is going on using your connected IP devices. You can take a look, announce, or replay whenever and wherever you want. Now you know:

  • What happened: Your cameras reported what had happened.
  • What was the response: the announcements made via a paging system, the internal call for support, or the external calls to a mechanic via Teams.
  • And who was involved: You know who made the announcements or calls. In the footage, you see who was present at the incident- when your camera has facial recognition, it might even recognize them.

You don't have to worry about attestation when you need to report maintenance or repairs or when there happens to be a malfunction after having the maintenance check. You find all the recordings secure and usable in your Microsoft Teams environment. Accessible only by registered employees. 

Benefits: All IP Devices are connected to Microsoft Teams. Monitoring, escalating, and analyzing happens in Microsoft Teams; incidents and employees report issues digitally to you.

2. A lab with hazardous substances

Another situation can be when managing a lab with hazardous substances; employees might have to be checked every 15-30 minutes. To make this more accessible and efficient, you can set triggers in your Camera so you are notified in Teams. This means the employees "come to you" without anyone having to interrupt their work.

Set triggers for efficient monitoring

The trigger here can be, for example, there must always be movement in this area or someone lying on the floor. If there is no movement for five minutes or someone lies still for 20 seconds, the camera is triggered and starts a meeting in Teams with an operator.

The operator in the control room immediately sees what is happening and can start procedures. Using the collaboration tool, he can consult with colleagues; the event will be recorded in Teams and stored safely and centrally in Microsoft Azure. There is loads of data available and usable to complete an incident report.
Benefits: The control room can work more efficiently, employees are monitored for safety, and action can be taken immediately. All activities are recorded to be used when necessary.

Bring your Camera to Teams

Of course, you can name many more situations in the industrial work field where the beneficiaries of bringing your Camera to Teams apply. For example:

  • Strict access policy: Are there people where no one should be?
  • Counting people or cars: Are there more or less than should be present or pass?
  • Mandatory: Is someone always present at this location for monitoring?
  • Vehicles only: Is someone walking in an area where you can only enter with a vehicle?
  • Authorized vehicle only: Is someone driving a car with an unauthorized license plate for this area? 
  • Accessible during set hours: Is someone present outside of a predetermined schedule?
  • Unsafe areas: Are employees getting too close to an installation?

Start making your job easier

IP Devices are indispensable at an Industrial site, and the possibility to Connect your IP Devices and record them in Teams makes your job easier and your plant safer. Besides continuously monitoring, you will be notified at events and intervene when necessary. And if you want, it can be recorded as well. The best thing is that it is all accessible in Microsoft Teams.

Want to know if your work situation can benefit from our solutions? Get in touch with us; we'd love to think along and brainstorm.

Written By: Marjet de Boer