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HD audio - Crystal Clear sound of the highest quality

Jul 8, 2022 9:51:26 AM

HD-audio uses the highest quality sound for your Endpoint device via CyberGate. Whether this is an intercom or paging system it is crystal clear.

HD-Logo Creating clarity

HD audio provides consumers with high-quality, crystal clear, and more natural-sounding voice calls on mobile and fixed terminals using wideband technology and further acoustical enhancement on telephones.

HD audio benefits

> Better comprehension and clarity, especially in long detailed and/or technical discussions
> Clarity in understanding acronyms
> The ability to differentiate between and identify others on a conference call
> Clarity and easier understanding in multi-national/multi-lingual conversation where you have non-native speakers and native speakers communicating in one or more languages
> More accurate transcriptions (both human and automated)

In short, everything involving voice is better in HD audio, whether a simple person-to-person call, a Public Announcement call, or a speech-to-text process.


CyberGate & HD audio

We've added the possibility to use HD audio between the CyberGate and the endPoint (device). The option depends on the device you have or want to connect.

The used codec (HD audio standard) is an essential factor. We currently support G722 & OPUS. With each call, the system now automatically chooses the highest quality option.

Check your brand compatibility here.

A bit more "techy"

HD Voice CodexThe traditional telephone network uses the G.711 codec. This "narrowband" codec typically results in grainy or staticky-sounding calls. (No doubt you've experienced many of these calls yourself!)

Wideband audio technology uses a "wideband" codec, like G.722, or the newer G.722.2, which offers high-definition audio quality over lower bandwidth transfer rates. However, the current “gold standard” of the wideband audio codecs is Opus, the default codec used by all WebRTC technology and apps currently available.

Hear the difference

play opus play G722 play G711 play base
"The gold standard" "HD Voice" "Now" "Base audio file"

* Please note: a multimedia player will open in a new window.

Are you ready for the next step in acoustical enhancement on your device? Get CyberGate now and benefit from the best sound solution possible.

Otto van Linden

Written By: Otto van Linden