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2N's IP Style Two-Way Video available in Microsoft Teams now via CyberGate

2N's IP Style Two-Way Video available in Microsoft Teams now via CyberGate

Feb 6, 2024 1:26:38 PM

We're excited to share that 2N and CyberTwice have begun the year with a great start, unveiling the 2-way video feature for 2N's exceptional door Intercom IP Style in Microsoft Teams.

Two-way video available
In close collaboration between both developing teams, making the two-way video available in Microsoft Teams elevates the functionality of 2N's door intercom to a whole new level. Now, not only can you see and communicate with visitors at your entrance with your own Microsoft Teams account, but the visitor can also see the receiving Teams user on the 2N IP Style Display. Ideal for hospitality use cases! This revolutionary feature enhances security and convenience for your company.


"Revolutionizing Access Control: Embrace the Future with 2N's Two-Way Video Door Intercom - A Seamless Blend of Security and Innovation!"

Imagine the convenience of being able to remotely verify the identity of visitors, grant or deny access, and communicate important information—all without having to be physically at the entrance; you just use Microsoft Teams, as you already did. This is particularly valuable for businesses with multiple entry points or those managing access for employees, clients, or deliveries.

Streamline your access control
2N's door intercom with two-way video availability in Teams via CyberGate is a game-changer for companies prioritizing security and seamless communication. It provides a modern and efficient solution for streamlining access control, making it super convenient for your daily operations.

Record and Replay in Microsoft Teams

Unlock the full potential of your Teams activities and IP Style by seamlessly integrating ATTEST, our cutting-edge SaaS solution for recording your Microsoft Teams activity. This powerful combination not only ensures a heightened level of security and communication through 2N's two-way video door intercom but also enables you to record, replay and analyze your Intercom activities with precision.

Elevate your connected experience with our integrated solutions CyberGate and ATTEST today. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of innovation. For any inquiries or to embark on this transformative experience, feel free to reach out.

Written By: Marjet de Boer