Microsoft ISV Spotlight - Why CyberGate

Mar 1, 2022 4:49:58 PM

CyberGate: a Simple Solution to connect your Video Intercom to Microsoft Teams!

The perfect match between Microsoft Teams and your Video Intercom

We had the privilege to present our solution during the Microsoft Spotlight ISV (Independent Software Vendor) to the sales team of Microsoft. A nice straightforward pitch: In essence our CyberGate is an enabler for the further growth of Microsoft Teams, an easy slam dunk for our audience.

When looking at the bare numbers it is almost inevitable that the worlds of Microsoft Teams and the Intercom (or Access Control) space will converge. The userbase of Microsoft Teams is reaching impressive numbers: "Microsoft Teams surpassed 270 million monthly active users this quarter." And on top of that: "Over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies used Teams Phone this quarter, and we (as in Microsoft) continue to take share across PSTN and VOIP(source: Tom Talks)

On the other hand we have the Intercom business with more than 100 million video door intercom devices installed globally and substantial market valued at $2,805m (2019) and anticipated to have a growth (CAGR) of 8.3% (2020>2025). The majority of the devices installed at entry-exit points of offices, societies, and residential buildings are SIP based. (Source: Vantage Market Research)

I could stop here. The above explains it all. When Enterprises are replacing their legacy UC systems* (or Telephone Exchanges, PABX), they have to realize that in a lot of cases Intercoms, or more specifically Video Intercoms, are also connected to these systems. There is no simple way to connect these devices to the new Microsoft Teams environment (more on this in our next blog). Yes, you could replace it with new devices (if any), which would mean a substantial destruction of invested capital. Luckily, there is a, simple, but effective, alternative, namely our CyberGate solution. Simple to deploy: it is just a (SaaS) subscription: no need to install any hardware or software.

Clearly a Microsoft Teams Enabler, which helps you further your migration and facilitates the Microsoft Sales teams. They can now better inform their customers and prevent that their 'Visitors are confronted with a closed door".

Further information can be found on the here.

* Universal Communications

Otto van Linden

Written by: Otto van Linden