Via CyberGate you can connect a SIP video door intercom to Microsoft Teams. Teams users answer incoming calls from the video door station with 2-way audio and live video on their Teams desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone and Teams Smartphone app and open the door for visitors.


About CyberGate - SIP intercom to Teams

As Enterprises migrate their traditional telephony from an on-prem IP-PBX or Cloud Telephony platform to Microsoft Teams, they need a solution for their SIP (video) door intercom to communicate to Teams.

CyberGate is a subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application hosted in Azure

With CyberGate there is:

  • no need to setup a hosting environment
  • no need to download or install any software from CyberTwice or a 3rd party
  • no need to install additional Virtual Machines
  • no need for a Session Border Controller or extra licenses for your existing SBC
  • no need for to get additional PSTN like phone numbers for your SIP intercoms

All you need is a subscription to CyberGate

CyberGate Recording
CyberGate Recording

Call Recording

Recording of video intercom calls with CyberGate is easy. Simply enable the feature in the CyberGate Admin Portal (per Tenant). Your intercom call recordings include audio, video and using Azure Cognitive Services audible speech is transcribed into readable, searchable text. Recording only starts after the call was answered and media is securely stored in Microsoft Azure (West-Europe) for a period of 10 days.

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How To Buy:

  1. Go to Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource and purchase subscription(s) online.
  2. Select “Free Trial
  3. Activate & configure your subscription via the CyberGate Management Portal

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